Sweetheart Scam by Rita Tene aka Nevada Stevens, member of the Tene Bimbo Gypsy Clan in Nevada and Arizona

Sweetheart Swindles: 

This scam often involves an elderly man who is befriended by a young woman. She convinces him she truly cares about him and implies a romantic interest. She tells him she needs money for rent, food, furniture, her business, or she needs surgery. She may swindle him out of his life savings, often causing him to file bankruptcy. This is a very common fraud among Gypsy women.

                              ~ from the San Jose Police Department 

Info Wanted

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Rita Tene age 42

Scamming the elderly and others in the
Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona area

Born Rita Tene Bimbo 

DOB 12-21-1975 in Reno Nevada 

May be using multiple aliases, SSNs and date of birth.

Currently living on W Thunderbird Road in Phoenix Arizona and going by the alias

Nevada Stevens

This is the face of the woman who scammed $26,000 from an elderly Minnesota man.
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 I met Rita Tene at a slot machine at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in December of 2016. Rita wandered by and asked if I was winning then struck up a conversation. We played slots and video poker together (on my money) for an hour or two.

Rita told me a horribly sad story about how she was from Houston and was in Las Vegas to visit her mother, who was dying of cancer, and how she didn't have enough money to fly back to her 11 year old son in Houston.

After coming up to my room later that night, Rita convinced me to front her the money to fly home as a loan, which she promised to pay back in January when she received her Federal tax refund check.

The next day Rita came to visit me again, and we spent the day and evening together as Rita told me more of her story. She had an drug addicted abusive husband back in Houston who beat her to a pulp. Rita said she was very close to her father, who had died several years earlier and had been her guiding light. She felt lost without him.

I can't remember if it was that day or the next, but Rita confided that she felt very close to me and that I was special to her, in that in my arms she felt OK again. Eventually she decided that she loved me.

Then came the catch: she hadn't paid her December rent and was about to be evicted from her Houston apartment. Rita wanted another "loan" of $1200, but promised on her father's grave to pay me back in January when her tax refund check arrived.

One thing led to another, and Rita convinced me that we should be married but the catch this time was that in the gyspy culture, to get a divorce from her current husband the dowry paid to his parents would have to be repaid to the tune of $17,500. I bit.

Rita was then all set to fly to Minnesota to begin her life with me. Until she decides that she needed another $8,000 to take care of her dying mother and son. The light went off in my head that something wasn't right here. (A little late, yes). Investigating on the web, I found that her half sister and her mother had been previously arrested for not only pulling the exact same scam and had been convicted of murdering some of the elderly men! (See additional info on this here and here).

I cancelled Rita's already purchased plane ticket to Minnesota. As of March 2017, Rita claims to love me but I haven't seen a dime of the money that she promised she would repay me in January. I have filed charges with my local police department and created this web page in an effort to keep anyone else from getting scammed by Rita.

Rita Tene

Rita Tene
Current Scams by Rita Tene / Nevada Stevens

 Currently operating "The Third Eye Chakra Physic Center" with locations at:

1401 W Thunderbird Road, Phoenix Arizona 85023
15454 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd, Scottsdale Arizona 85620

Claims to be "fully certified" at life coaching (ask her who certified her) and other scams such as "energy healing", "chakra balancing", "Reiki sessions" and "psychic readings". BE CAREFUL IF YOU CHOOSE TO GET INVOLVED WITH THIS WOMAN! And remember that members of her immediate family were involved in the scamming and murder of innocent men in San Francisco (see additional info on this here and here).


Actual review of Rita Tene / Nevada Stevens from Yelp:

  This is the face of the woman who scammed $26,000 from an elderly Minnesota man.
Please read this story and consider sharing it for others to read. 
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